Ruby Red

Good morning! I’m so bummed that the weather is gloomy. Summertime is supposed to be hot and sunny, but I guess not where I live! Even though it has been foggy, I’ve still been able to occupy myself by seeing movies, grabbing lunch with friends and little things like that! There are actually some great movies out right now! One that I am dying to see is called The Heat. It is supposed to be hilarious with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Hopefully I’ll find some time to see that this week! Alright enough of me blabbering about the weather and my plans and onto the outfit of the day! This outfit is a simple: cut off high waisted shorts, Givenchy rubber sandals, a nano Céline, and an essential POP of color! I hope you love it!

Emily xo

P1010970 P1010980 P1010991 P1010997 P1010983 P1020008 P1010974 P1010978Tee: American Apparel 

Shorts: Vintage Levis (similar)

Shoes: Givenchy

Bag: Céline

Sunglasses: Unknown


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Emily xo