A Day in the Life of Californians

Hi everyone,

What a weekend! It was packed and so full of memories, despite the incredibly gloomy, foggy weather. Although, that didn’t seem to stop us from heading to the beach. Before going to the beach, we stopped for an incredibly delicious brunch at my favorite local spot, Jeannine’s. It has to be some of the best food I have ever had. I snacked on a breakfast for champions: eggs, pancakes, and bacon! Then, off to the beach we went. It was quite the trek before arriving at our final destination: we first walked along side the train tracks, and then down this steep, wooden, splinter-ridden slide that finally lead us to the beautiful beach. Regardless of the fact that the sun was nowhere to be found and it was 60 degrees, we jumped in the ocean and ended up frolicking back and forth on the sand (as seen in the photos). Cheers to a great weekend filled with amazing friends and lovely food.

Emily xx


Dress: American Apparel

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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