What’s Hot

Fall! My favorite season of them all. I’m SO excited to watch the leaves change colors, for the weather to get colder, and most of all, for the fashion. There are so many amazing trends this fall: sporty, grunge-chic, fur, and whites! I love every bit of it. Here are some of my favorites for this season:

Emily xo

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 5.36.51 PM

1. Fur Vest: Fur can be sporty-chic or elegant; dress it up or down how ever you’d like!

2. Bueller Shades: These have been so popular lately and I absolutely love them.

3. Leather Jacket: Because the sporty theme has been so in lately, I’ve been seeing leather everywhere! It’s an amazing look.

4. Leather Pants

5. White/Light Polish: Even though fall usually is darker colors, white nail polish has been big this fall as a pop of “color.”

6. Dark Lips

7. Timberlands: I am obsessed with this look!

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